Forward Slash Story
an application-only residential lab for writers, artists, technologists and designers who work in uncharted territories to share their journey

Create + Discover

Find Collaborators through a joyful sense of making
Forward Slash Story attempts to tackle some of the most difficult problems surrounding storytelling in the 21st Century. A gathering of thinkers & doers working across a diversity of creative fields come together for 4 days focused on sharing, making, experimentation and innovation.







Costa Rica


Costa Rica


Sag Harbor

A once in a lifetime experience

Astounding Location

Come recharge at a beautiful resort steps away from the ocean.

Amazing people

Join storytellers working in all forms. From traditional to emerging and everything in-between.

Fresh Food

Amazing food from local farms prepared by an awesome chef.

Good Conversations

A relaxed environment provides the foundation for candid conversations.

Forward Slash Story’s history

by creatives for creatives


A space for practitioners

Over drinks in London

Christy Dena offers up the idea, of establishing a nurturing space for creatives who continuously create in the fringes, to Lance Weiler at an industry event. The seed is planted for a lab focused on people as opposed to projects.


Let’s do it

Forward Slash Story is born

After talking about the value of a residential lab focused on practitioners, Christy and Lance take the plunge. They announce Forward Slash Story and secure a mansion on the coast of Long Island, New York.


First Cohort

Multi Hyphenate Hustle

20 storytellers, 3 days, 5 impossible problems is the jumping off point for the first edition of Forward Slash Story as a cohort of storytellers working in all forms assembles in Sag Harbor, New York.


A remote beach in Central America

At the edge of the jungle

Forward Slash Story heads to Nosara, Costa Rica. Mountain tops, infinity pools, monkeys and beautiful sunsets provide the setting for an exploration into the art, craft and business of storytelling in the 21st Century.


Returning to the Jungle

Harmony in Costa Rica

A new cohort returns to Nosara, Costa Rica for another edition of Forward Slash Story. The lab evolves beyond sharing working methods and practice to the act of co-creation and imagining new futures for storytellers.


The southern tip of an island

Welcome to LooLa

The cohort travels to Indonesia for 5 days and 4 nights. Their destination LooLa is one of the world’s top sustainable resorts. Forward Slash Story expands in a number of exciting ways that empower participants resulting in a number of interesting breakthroughs.


A magical series of islands with no cars

Off the coast of Kenya

In the summer of 2018, a new cohort gathered for 5 days and 4 nights off the coast of Kenya. A series of islands known as Lamu provided a magical backdrop to the fifth edition of F/S.

Co-Founders & Hosts

Christy Dena

Writer-designer-director of comedy story games & events, senior lecturer in studio and narrative design for Masters, SAE

Lance Weiler

Writer + director + producer + culture hacker & Director of the Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab