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Forward/Story (Forward slash Story) is an application-only residential lab for writers, artists, technologists and designers who work in uncharted territories to share their journey, techniques, socialize, collaborate, and solve problems. The lab takes place May 11th – 15th, 2017 in an exotic location. On-site expenses are covered for those who attend.


A joyful sense of making

Forward/Story attempts to tackle some of the most difficult problems surrounding storytelling in the 21st Century. A gathering of thinkers & doers working across a diversity of creative fields come together for 4 days focused on sharing, making, experimentation and innovation.

What people are saying about F/S

I don’t think I’ve ever been a part of anything quite as meaningful to me in quite so particular a way as Forward Slash Story. It was an emotional theme park ride for me, like something you’d hear about on a movie poster’s pull quote reviews.

Trevor Haldenby, Co-founder The Mission Business

What people are saying about F/S

I’ve found my crew. We are a crew of story pirates united under a banner of reimagining narrative, and we are out to disrupt, inspire and reinvent the world.

Rosie Poebright, Splash & Ripple

What people are saying about F/S

I recently had the honor and privilege of joining an awesomely impressive group of storytellers in Costa Rica for Forward/Story (“Forward Slash Story”), a residential lab for sharing our work and creative process with like­minded practitioners from across media and genre boundaries. We forged new friendships, built the foundation for future collaborations, and left inspired and transformed. […] Our co­hosts Christy Dena and Lance Weiler, as well as producer Julia Pontecorvo and the local Costa Rican team, crafted an incredible experience for sharing and community building.

Lee­ Sean Huang, Co-founder Foossa

What people are saying about F/S

You hear about narrative landscapes, story worlds, interactive design, production processes, empathy, impact, robots, anarchy, hero journeys, poetry, augmented reality, emotional beats, social innovation… There is a projector and there are powerpoint slides, but also howler monkeys in the background. Post­it notes and flip­chart paper, but also an infinity pool surrounded by palm trees. Everything makes sense. Nothing is trouble. You take a long walk on a beach that never ends, talk about what you are having to let go.

Fan Sissoko , Innovation Unit UK

Beach Resort

Come recharge at a beautiful beach resort steps away from the ocean.

Fresh Food

Amazing food from local farms prepared by an awesome chef.

Good Conversations

A relaxed environment provides the foundation for candid conversations.

F/S Remote Show #1:

Best Experience

How can we tap into our memories to uncover what makes a great team experience? How can we make sense of our journey from career changes by fringe-dwellers? Welcome to the first Forward Slash Story Remote Show!

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F/S Report 2014.

A peak behind the curtain - a look at where it all started

In 2009, we (Christy & Lance) were chatting over lunch at an industry event. Catching the precious time we had between mentoring duties, to quickly reveal our deepest thoughts. We spoke about the need for an event for people like us. A place where the people who share maps of the new frontiers can put their feet up for while. 

In 2014 we ran Forward Slash Story: a residential weekend with 20 selected creatives from around the globe coming together to do anything but give presentations. What do you do for people who are already working in emerging artforms? 

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& Hosts

Christy Dena

writer-designer-director of comedy story games, events & things & department coordinator of games, SAE

Lance Weiler

writer + director + producer + culture hacker & Director of the Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab
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